Easy Nextcloud Hosting at Home

Hosted at Home

HomeDrive is a small server that hosts Nextcloud at your home for you and your family.


Nextcloud is a popular open source storage software that allows you to sync your files, back up your pictures, stream your music, or store data on your own server.

Easy Setup

Setting up HomeDrive is super easy: just connect it to your home router, and that's it. No network configuration required.

Access Securely Anywhere

You can access your HomeDrive anywhere in the world via the Internet. HomeDrive encrypts all incoming and outgoing traffic end-to-end: makes sure only you and people you authorize can access.

Total Privacy

HomeDrive saves everything at your home, and never sends unencrypted personal data out of the box, so you don't have to trust anyone but yourself -- not even HomeDrive engineers.

Large Storage Space

Builtin 500 GB SSD, and can be customized for more. Say goodbye to monthly charges on cloud storage spaces.

Use HomeDrive. Own your service. Own your data.