Source Code

HomeDrive is fully open source. Everything runs on HomeDrive can be built from source code if you want to.

Operating system

For the operating system, HomeDrive runs on Burmilla OS (github): it is a container Linux that runs everything in docker containers. This reduces the number of moving parts, minimizes the attack interface, simplifies upgrades, and makes the system a more robust and secure server.

Docker images

The docker container images in a HomeDrive release is bundled by building HomeDrive's homedrv-build repository on GitHub. It uses a custom building tool called caco3.

The system control and management is written in Go language. It contains a daemon program called `jarvisd" that manages the state of operating system. It also includes the reserve proxy that is required to host Nextcloud (and potentially more Web apps) properly.

Nextcloud, PostgreSQL, Redis, and other software are pulled from their official images from Docker Hub, and bundled with the release together.


All source developed by HomeDrive (Shanhu Tech Inc.) are licensed under AGPL 3.0.

Support Us

Please donate if you want support our open source development.

If you have questions about the souce code or how to build from scratch, please feel free to ask us via Email: