HomeDrive Architecture Overview

HomeDrive is a small server that runs one or more web services. It is hosted at your own place and connects to the Internet via your own router. When connected, HomeDrive connects to HomeDrive Fabrics: a network service that enables authenticated and authorized users to use the services hosted on HomeDrive from anywhere with Internet access.

End-to-end Encryption

Behind the scenes, HomeDrive Fabrics accepts TCP connections from user's own domains, and routes the incoming TCP connections to the HomeDriver server. All web services on the HomeDrive server use HTTPS, so that all traffic is transferred with Transport Layer Security (TLS) with end-to-end encryption. Even HomeDrive engineers or system administrators do not have access to your data or application logs.

Code Reviewed

We build all services on HomeDrive from source code, and we responsibly maintain and review the source code to make sure the applications meet our security and privacy standard. HomeDrive also enforce whitelists against application's outgoing traffic to make sure they do not transfer user data out of the box.

Auto Update

All software on HomeDrive, including the operating system, service orchestration, service applications are updated routinely and automatically. HomeDrive is hence always up to date. Applying an update only requires a quick restart, so that it minimizes service down time.